About us

Precious Jewellery Handmade in Dubai 

Inspired by the purity of Diamond, the precious of 18 K Gold and the smart Elegance from France, AQUAE JEWELS are exclusively handmade in Dubai under High-End Quality demands.

AQ UAE is the combination of « AQUA » as a drop of water, crystal clear like a Diamond, and UAE as the jewels are handmade in Dubai.

AQUAE JEWELS combine the beauty of the diamonds mounted on different colours of gold and threads to create a personalised jewel.  Each piece of jewellery is exclusively handmade in 18 Karat of gold with G VS for solitaire diamonds and H SI for pave setting diamonds. The design is purely minimalist and contemporary. 

The elegance of this jewellery is to collect several for a more personal, creative and original look that no one will have except you!  All pieces are wrapped into their gift packaging.

AQUAE JEWELS is a brand owned and operated by Aigue Marine DMCC.